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Ardigent Consulting was founded in 2004 by a software engineering project manager who loved building custom systems and data-driven websites. Her clients and projects were relatively small, which helped her forge a 360-degree view and full-cycle experience of capturing the client’s needs, translating them into system specs, implementing the digital capability, and driving post-deployment benefit realization. She was driven by her passion for delivering solutions just as the client envisioned them, paired with an insatiable desire to learn and adopt best-in-class processes, tools, and technologies generally affordable only to the bigger corporations.

The original name of the company was Braata, Inc – a rare word meaning “a small portion added to a purchase of food by a market vendor, to encourage the customer to return”. Braata operated for 6 years supporting government, non-government, multi-lateral and Fortune 500 organizations. It was a very enriching and fulfilling journey until the said project manager had to put her dream on a pause for 8 years. She never stopped pursuing bigger responsibilities and better projects. In her corporate career, she supported major private sector and Federal initiatives, built high-performing teams, and led them through waves of industry changes, adopting open source technologies, open architectures, and cloud technologies.

By definition, every pause has to have an end and a new beginning. The former PM, turned VP of Development Services, is now dreaming even bigger to help enterprises of any size build better software in support of achieving their core missions faster and cheaper.

To mark the new mission and vision, the company was renamed to Ardigent Consulting.

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